Executive Board positions are voted in from our active members at the BMBA Annual General Meeting held in April.  All available Executive positions for 2018 will be posted online at least 30 days prior to the communicated AGM date.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our Executive Board please contact us at info@bramptonbasketball.com

Executive Board

David Baah david@bramptonbasketball.com
V.P. Rep & Elite Programs
Avery Brown avebrown@hotmail.com
Past President
Reynold Bogle reynold@bramptonbasketball.com
Rep Director – Girls (AAU/OBA)
Leon Archer leonarcher@rogers.com
Alan Hernandez alan@bramptonbasketball.com
Rep Convenor – Select Program
Kerwin Vuo kerwin.bmba@gmail.com
VACANT info@bramptonbasketball.com
V.P. House League
Terone Harris terone.bmba@gmail.com
Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship
Foster Carr info@bramptonbasketball.com
House League Convenor
Natalie  Williams bmba.hl@hotmail.com
Director of Purchasing
Samantha Singh samantha@bramptonbasketball.com
House League Convenor
Nicole  Rodney nicole.bmba@hotmail.com
Director of Communications
VACANT info@bramptonbasketball.com
Director of Facilities
VACANT info@bramptonbasketball.com

Program Development Team 

Board Advisors 

Head Coach – Juel Program
Hugh Riley bramptonwarriors@gmail.com
Educational Advisors
Keith Johnson (DSS – Principal/Coach)
General Manager – Juel Program
Linda Iriah bramptonwarriors@gmail.com
Louis Pahis (BCSS – Teacher/Coach)

Club Technical Training

Legal Advisor
 Alonzo Abbey
 Player Development – Technical
Ray Peddie info@bramptonbasketball.com
Marketing & Events
Connie Amartey info@bramptonbasketball.com
Coaches Development – Technical
Mark Wharton info@bramptonbasketball.com
Office Administrator
 Shamya Bailey info@bramptonbasketball.com
IT/Web Support
Ryan Boyington