Paramount Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic is a physiotherapist owned multidisciplinary clinic established in North West Brampton in 2009.  The BMBA proudly works with Paramount and other organizations to enhance player performance, preventive maintenance and ensure a timely and safe return to play from sports related injuries.  Paramount Physiotherapy has 6 registered physiotherapists with vast experience treating sports related injuries from sports such as hockey, football, baseball, soccer and basketball.  Paramount works with the athlete and parents to retrain proper movement patterns to maximize performance and on-court success while decreasing the likelihood of common overuse injuries.

22-811 Bovaird Drive West
Brampton ON
L6X 0T9
Phone Number: (905) 455-4488
Fax Number (905) 455-6488


Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday– 7am to 8 pm
Saturday- 7am to 2 pm
Sunday- Closed