August 14, 2017 Webmaster



(BMBA) Lady Warriors – Girls Grade 7 team participated in the end of season CYBL (Canadian Youth Basketball League) summer session Championship games. The day had the girls competing against the top teams in their age range for the coveted title.

The Lady Warriors played three games in total before claiming the ultimate prize in the Championship Game. The Warriors were victorious in their first game winning by a margin over 25 points, but had a much closer game against their sister team, Lady Warriors Zoff in the semi-final game.

During the final game to claim the title of Champions, the Lady Warriors played well at both ends of the court. They were rebounded well and hit some nice 3 pointers at crucial points in the game.

Both teams went back and forth in the final minutes of the game but the Lady Warriors held an edge and played a strong defensive game. Overall, they played well as a team ready to bring home the championship. All the players stayed focused and played their game.

The girls responded and showed that just like the regular season; they were a team to contend with.

Congratulations to all of our players for their hard work, Alarice Gooden, Laila Archer, Julia Coupland, Ayneigejah Ferguson Dugas, Anaya Johnson, Sumer Lee, Maya Martelluzzi, Brianna McLeod, Neilia Sang and Ghiselle Poblete. A special thank you to the coaches who dedicated their time to the development of the players; Keith Johnson and Leon Archer of the Brampton Minor Basketball Association (BMBA).

There were smiles all around as the girls received their 1st place medal and celebrated with their supporters. Great work this season ladies, your coaches are very proud of you!