July 20, 2013 Webmaster

Lady Warriors to become Lady Gaiters!!!

Huge congratulations to a pair of feisty guards from the Brampton Lady Warriors team!

Leah Fleming and Genevieve Onyeka have decided to play basketball at the next level by becoming Lady Gaiters at Bishop’s University in Quebec.  Leah and Genevieve have been some of the hardest workers on the Brampton Lady Warriors team putting in the work to get noticed at the next level and so it is no surprise that they have been accepted in to Bishop’s University to join their basketball team.

Head Coach of the Brampton Lady Warriors, Coach Hugh Riley had this to say about his players: “Both of these players were extremely hard workers. Leah is a smart player that can shoot the ball and is not afraid to mix it up with the big girls. Leah puts in the work in practice, making no excuses. She is a tough player that opponents hated to see on the court. Leah loves her team and consequently is a great teammate and tough player who worked hard all year for her team.

Genevieve is also a hard working player who took a year off from rep basketball last season but came into this season knowing that she had to work extra hard to make strides on the court. Genevieve was not the tallest player but she had a nose for the ball and nobody would ever out work her! She came a long way, worked extremely hard and deserves what she got because she worked hard and earned it. Genevieve was a great team-mate and hard worker with a motor that never stops.”
Coach Riley also added that “These are the things that will make Bishop’s fans fall in love with Leah and Genevieve and make them succeed at the next level. ”

Once again, a well deserved congratulations to Leah and Genevieve!!!!

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