Constitution and Bylaws


Section 1                     NAME:

This organization shall be known as the BRAMPTON MINOR BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION and shall be referred to as “the Association” throughout these “Constitution and Bylaws”.

The Association adopts the following bylaws as its own.  It is further understood the Association may implement its own policies and procedures to ensure the efficient operation of its programs.  However, policies and procedures will not contradict or take precedence over the Bylaws.  In accordance with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010, S.O. 2010, c. 15 the Association shall operate exclusively as a non-profit organization providing a supervised program of youth sport in the City of Brampton.

Section 2                     AIMS:

The Aims of the Association shall be:

  1. To provide an organized basketball program for the youth both boys and girls of the City of Brampton
  2. to promote, stimulate good sportsmanship in all participants;
  3. to develop lifelong skills through instruction;
  4. to encourage leadership through responsibility;
  5. to instill a love of the game of basketball by participation;
  6. Develop enthusiastic support among students, parents, players, participants and other members of the community of Brampton.
  7. Development of Rep teams in various age groups to compete at provincial, national, and professional levels.

Section 3                     LOCATION:

The principal office of the Association shall be located in the City of Brampton.

Section 4                     PROPERTY:

No part of the property of the Association shall inure to the benefit of any individual, volunteer, participant or entity whose activities in any material way attempt to influence decision making or any personal interest, nor to the benefit of any individual in any of our programs.  Property of the Association is defined and used herein as any realty or personality in which the Association has interest, including but not limited to; all funds including bank accounts and certificate of deposits, receipts, credit rating and earnings, tangible property such as equipment, member data, website, domain name, marketing and brand material, the Association name the Association team names, and all other property.


Section 1                     Shall be limited to parents/guardians who have completed an application and/or has an active profile online and have paid an Annual Registration Fee(s) for participation in House League, Development Programs and/or Representative Teams.

Section 2                     Shall include Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Instructors, and Volunteers, all of whom shall be selected and approved by the Association Executive Director(s) with program responsibility

Section 3                     The Executive Board of Directors shall have the right to accept or reject any applicant, Coach, Volunteer, Assistant Coach and or Instructor.  The

Section 4                     Voting privileges shall be open to all Members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older and in good standing with the Association.  Good standing is defined as an active member with the Association.



Section 1                     The Executive Board of Directors shall consist of the following (if applicable):

Past President
VP of Basketball Operations
Rep Director – Girls Program
Rep Director – Boys Program
House League Director
House League Director
Select Program Director – Girls/Boys
Director of Purchasing
Director of Facilities
Director of Sponsorship
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Member Services

Section 2                     DUTIES:

The Executive Board of Directors will be the governing body of the Association and will operate and act within the constitution, by-laws, city regulations, laws, and other applicable policies to conduct the affairs of the Association.  The following duties are examples but not limited to;

Past–President shall:

  • aid and advise the President when needed;
  • ensure successful transition to new President within one year. Which includes but not limited to: banking information, passwords, keys, etc.
  • transfer voting right and signing authority to new President within three weeks of taking office.
  • acts as a consultant to the new President.
  • Not be appointed by any member or director on the Executive Board.

President shall:

  • preside at all meetings concerning the Association;
  • cast the deciding vote when necessary;
  • perform such duties which fall naturally within the bounds of this office;
  • review and understand the organization’s articles of incorporation and by-laws, policies and procedures, financial and legal situation, and strategic plan.
  • Act as the board ambassador, and a spokesperson to the larger community.
  • Sets high standards for board conduct and intervenes if conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues arise.
  • must be committed to the organization and must understand the scope of energy and time required to effectively do the job.
  • Work directly with the City of Brampton and is the ultimate signing officer for the organization.

Vice-President of Basketball Operations shall:

  • Oversee the general basketball operations of the league and ensure a cohesive program from Small ball to Rep competition levels.
  • Working with the Directors to continuously develop the Brampton basketball ensure the success of the league and its growth.
  • assist in scheduling, team travel, development camp planning.
  • Assist Directors where need be.
  • Liaison with other clubs or organizations to develop and grow the game of basketball in the community

Rep Directors (Girls & Boys) & Select Program Director shall:

  • Communicate with Rep and/or Select coaches;
  • Organize tournaments; and competitive leagues
  • Submit OBA paperwork;
  • Co-ordinate players’ uniforms & equipment orders with Director of Purchasing
  • Schedule tryouts and evaluations
  • Oversee the selection of leagues and/or tournaments
  • Selection of coaches for teams
  • Monitor team progress
  • Coordinating processes with coaches and team managers
  • Confirm coaches have appropriate certifications

House League Directors (Boys & Girls) shall:

  • organize player House League evaluations for all divisions;
  • co-ordinate players’ uniforms & equipment orders with Director of Purchasing;
  • Ensure the safe and efficient running of the day-to-day operations for the BMBA House League (presence at gym, day game schedule running on time, player-membership health and safety, league rules co-ordination with Peel officials).
  • Oversees duties/tasks completed by site convenor staff.
  • Consistent review of league gameplay rules, evaluation procedures and player safety guidelines with modifications completed where necessary
  • Assigning of convenors to gym locations.
  • Complete balancing of house league team rosters.
  • Organize and Execute House League All-Star day for participants which includes; develop and produce All-Star program schedule, prize list and players selection process.
  • Develop and produce schedule and prize list for house league playoffs.
  • Respond to email inquiries from membership.

Director of Purchasing shall:

  • Work with the Board of Directors to order all equipment and/or material including uniforms, basketballs, medals, trophies, photos, etc. for the Association
  • Evaluate and Select Suppliers
  • Review Product Quality and Manage Inventory
  • Negotiate Contracts (Payments, Terms and Deposits)
  • Review invoices and work with Treasurer to ensure proper payments.

Director of Facilities shall:

  • obtain public/separate school gym permits prior to commencement of League;
  • book city and private gyms;
  • review gym rental invoices for submission to Treasurer;
  • Schedule House League Games and practices
  • Schedule Rep and Select Teams’ practices
  • Ensure available gym space to conduct Brampton Basketball programs.

Director of Member Services shall;

  • Direct and oversee all members within the
  • Have complete responsibility of all volunteer management of the Association and ensure all required guidelines are followed per the Ontario Not for Profit Act.
  • Chair the disciplinary committee and work with Board of Directors to ensure all members are in line with the Association Code of Conduct
  • Schedule and plan Volunteer Orientation and training and schedules for volunteers
  • Develop onboarding processes for new coaches, executives, and volunteers.
  • Conduct all HR responsibilities for the Association
  • Maintain a registrar of all Members

Director of Sponsorship shall:

  • oversees the solicitation of potential sponsors for the Association.
  • Develop Sponsorship packages and ensure attractive return on investment to sponsors
  • Manages the communication between The Association and its Sponsors.
  • Work with Board of Directors and directly with Marketing to ensure Sponsors are effectively marketed.
  • Suggest Fundraising ideas to Directors to implement within their teams.
  • Keep record of all sponsors for the Association

Director of Marketing and Communications shall:

  • Responsible for maintaining and building our brand image within the community.
  • Responsible for creating or/and editing promotional materials, website content, e-newsletter, and press releases.
  • Develop and drive the holistic website and social media strategy and ensure it clearly and consistently delivers overall marketing and branding messages.
  • Strategize and manage social media presence on platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc., as well as other relevant sites deemed appropriate to generate engagement, interaction and conversation.
  • Create engaging and effective offline materials for our targeted populations.
  • Maintain and build positive relationships with community media outlets, reporters and producers.
  • Support and manage all club events and programs.
  • Develop a committee to help with required tasks to perform function.

Treasurer shall:

  • Work with Executive Directors to prepare a budget each year for President approval prior to the start of each scheduled program season;
  • prepare current Financial Statements for the Executive Board of Directors on a monthly basis;
  • ensure that all monies are collected and deposited promptly;
  • ensure Bank Accounts are reconciled monthly;
  • ensure all Accounts Payable are paid on time;
  • prepare an annual Financial Report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting;
  • The Financial report will have been reviewed by the Executive Board of Directors and approved by the President.
  • Arrange for a 3rd party auditor review of financials at the beginning of new term and end of term.

Section 2(a)                 Upon successful completion of duties per season the Directors will be considered to receive an honorarium for exemplary services contributing to the success of the Association.

Section 3                     ELECTION OF OFFICERS & TERM OF OFFICE:

All elected Executive Board of Director positions are for a period of two (2)-years.

Odd numbered years

VP of Basketball Operations
Rep Director – Girls Program
Director of Purchasing
House League Director
Select Program Director

Even numbered years

Rep Director – Boys Program
Director of Member Services
House League Director
Director of Facilities
Director of Sponsorship
Director of Marketing & Communications


Should an Executive position become vacant, due to resignation or by a majority vote of the

Executive Board of Directors declaring a vacancy, the vacant position shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Board. This appointment is valid until the next upcoming  Annual General Meeting, at which time the position will be filled by a vote of all the Association Members present.

No Member of the Board of Director shall be terminated for any discriminatory reasons but may be terminated if:

  1. The Director is unable to perform his/her duties expected of the position due to, but not limited to, any of the following reasons;
    • 1.1 if the director becomes unable to performing the duties of the Association deemed by the President.
    • 1.2 if the director is absent from five or more meetings of the Board without satisfactory reason
    • 1.3 if the director is terminated by 2/3 majority of the board of directors; or
  2. The Director has compromised the integrity of the Association due to, but not limited to, any of the following reasons:
    • 2.1  If the director has failed to properly account for monies or other properties belonging to the Association
    • 2.4  If the director has been found guilty of a criminal offence which directly affected the Association.


At each Annual General Meeting, the Membership shall elect two (2) Auditors.


  • examine the Financial Records of the Association and report to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting;
  • ensure that a realistic application of the “By Brampton Policy” is being adhered to;
  • recommend “Retain and Destroy Policy” for any records;


 All Coaches and Volunteers are required to provide a vulnerable sector records search every two years.  The volunteer will be financially responsible to cover the cost of the police record search and submit to the Association.

The Association does not discriminate against any person on the basis of disability, race, colour, creed, national origin, pardoned, gender or marital status.

All deemed paid positions within the Association will be properly communicated and advertised per to the general public to apply if interested.  The Association will not engage in favoritism or preferential treatment to one person or group for any financial gain.


  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within 60 days of completion of the Fall/Winter House League playoffs.
  • Notification of the AGM will be posted online and communicated 30 days prior to the AGM advertised date.
  • Special Meetings of the Association may be called at the request of the Membership to deal with matters vital to the Association.
  • Executive Board of Directors Meetings will be held monthly and as frequently as required to conduct the business of the Association.
  • At all Meetings a quorum shall consist of a majority of the Executive Committee and those Members present.
  • Preceding the Annual General Meeting, but not later than two (2) weeks following the AGM a final retiring Board of Directors Meetings shall be held.  At the termination of this meeting, all outgoing Directors shall cease to hold office and ensure all property of the Association is handed to the newly elected Director.  The newly elected Directors shall take the responsibilities of office.


Amendments shall be:

  1. circulated to each Member in writing at least 14 days prior to the AGM;
  2. adopted by a 2/3 majority of the Members present;
  3. accepted “from the floor” only with the unanimous consent of all Members present at the AGM;


  1. Any Member of the Association or participant in the programs who is in violation of the Aims of the Association may be suspended at the discretion of the Executive Board of Directors.
  2. Although the intention is to restrict participation in our Programs to bona fides residents of the City of Brampton, the Association reserves the right to examine any exceptions on an individual basis.
  3. The Association will adhere to the constitution and bylaws of the Ontario Basketball Association and apply for affiliation where appropriate.


Members of the Board of Directors or other employers to the Association, their heirs, executors, administrators and estate and effects respectively shall be indemnified and saved harmless at all time by the Association against all costs, losses, and expenses incurred by them respectively in or about the discharge of their respective duties, except such as happens from their own respective wilful neglect or default.


“If the BMBA disbands or otherwise ceases to exist, the assets and funds of the organization shall be transferred to and held in trust by the City of Brampton Parks and Recreation Department pending Resolution and distribution of all such assets and funds


Record of Changes;

Amended April 6th, 2010 by R.Bogle

Amended March 30, 2018 by D.Baah