December 21, 2012 Webmaster

The last week before the Holiday season begins we saw some great action at St. Edmond Campion.  Here’s the run down on the scores.

Game 1

Grizzles vs Raptors

Grizzles win 51 – 28…

Marcus Tinker led the Grizzles with 10 points

Bryce Phillips led the Raptors with 6 points and 14 rebounds

Game 2

Heat vs. Spurs

Heat won 56 – 24

Heat were lead by these 2 players…

Prince Bahugun with 16 points

Khalil Carion with 8 points and a strong game at both ends of the floor

Manjot Gill led the Spurs with 10 points

In the final game we were at the Lakers and Magic played a close one.

Lakes won 39 – 26.

Shemar Williams led the Lakers with 2 points and 12 rebounds.

Isiah Jackson led the Magic with 8 points.







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